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Welcome to the Show Me Podcast, a photography show hosted by Geoff Livingston. Every podcast a guest joins Geoff and discusses how images tell stories, and what makes them work (or not).


Nana Gyesie may be the most spiritual photographer I know. He explores the world of people and places through his camera, a very spiritual experience for him that profoundly affects his soul and view of the world. To shoot with Nana is to experience life in a new way.

In this special episode of the Show Me Podcast, we start by exploring one of his influences, Graciela Iturbide and her seminal work "Day of the Iguana." Nana discusses how Iturbide's type of photojournalism impacted him and his work.

Then we discuss Nana's works in Cuba, during the rise of the Trump Presidency, and finally his most recent works in Seattle. Listen to this very special episode of the Show Me Podcast, and enjoy a spiritual street photography journey with Nana.

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There is no portrait quite like that of an animal, whether it’s a cute K-9 friend or an animal in the wild. Photographer Jeffrey Morris joins me for this very special episode all about photographing animals, starting with the amazing (mostly) wildlife work of Joel Sartore.

With mass extinctions becoming commonplace, Joel Sartore is on a mission to photograph every wild species he can. Jeff noted that Joel Sartore who shoots amazing animal portraits in “studios” adapted for the species and location. While his work is mostly with wild animals, it has influenced how Jeffrey’s approach to shooting domestic animals.

Of course, Jeffrey’s work is fantastic, too. We show several images (including the featured dog pic) and discuss how he gets that magic pet pick that makes their human friends gush with emotion.

I am proud to dedicate this special animal photography episode to my mother nationally syndicated astrologer Jacqueline Bigar, who passed away days before this episode was published. She loved animals more than anything else on earth, and I know she would watch this episode over and over again. I love you, Mom.

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Sebastião Salgado is one of the most influential photographers to emerge out of Latin Ameria. A UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, his works have inspired many, including Show Me Podcast episode guest Kirth Bobb.

Kirth and I discussed Genesis, his wide-ranging works between 2004-2011 that show the unblemished faces of nature and humanity. From wildlife to the human condition in aboriginal and worker communities, we see how his works show incredible stark scenes.

Then we discuss Kirth's incredible vision, as he is increasingly recognized as one of DC's most creative photographers.

Enjoy this very special and inspiring episode of the Show Me Podcast.

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February 19th marks the opening of the 2020 Exposed DC Photography Show, an annual exhibition featuring the best photos illustrating life in DC during the past year. I sat down with Exposed DC Executive Director Noe Todorovich to discuss some of the 43 award winners.

Noe’s second appearance on the Show Me Podcast (her first episode featured American Gothic by Gordon Parks) examined nine of the award winners works in four loose themes.

Glitter championship/celebration pics by Brian Moseley, Brian Gray, and Ather Ahsan

Lifestyle pics by Diana Nguyen and Iñaki Sánchez

Classic street images by Gina Falcone and Sofia Sebastián

Classic DC images by Erika Nizborski and Craig Nedrow

Watch or listen to the episode to learn about these award-winning images.


See the 2020 Exposed DC Photography Show at Touchstone Gallery

You can see all the award-winning works via the Exposed DC exhibition. Even better, you can meet the photographers during the opening night reception on Wednesday, February 19. Full disclosure, my image Scoot Down the Highway was an award winner.

Tickets and more information are here: http://exposeddc.com/2020/01/15/the-2020-exposed-dc-photography-show-opens-february-19/
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 Photography awards are all the rage. Who is good, what image is the best? But are they actually that good or is it a subjective debate.

Photo Editor Kristen McNicholas (formerly with National Geographic) and I debate, using the 2019 Sony World Photography Award winners as our debate topic. Listen to what we liked -- and didn't like -- about last year's winning photos.

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Lawrence Jackson, Official White House Photographer during the Obama Administration, discusses his time there as visualized in his new photography book, Yes We Did. Lawrence not only served the Obamas for eight years, but he had a unique perspective as an African American photographer chronicling Barack and Michelle Obama's time in the white house, and their impact on America. He saw their personal sides, their incredible ability to impact children, and how people reacted to them. Listen to this very special opening episode of Show Me Podcast Season 2.

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Part two of our special September 11 episode Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling (retired) picks up right where we left off, starting with the collapse of the World Trade Center North Tower through the desperate attempts by FDNY and NYPD to rescue any survivors and the White House bunker team's efforts to secure America's skies, and its cities against further attacks. Be prepared, this is an emotionally trying episode of the Show Me Podcast.  

September 11 remains one of the most visceral moments in American history. Lt. Colonel Darling served as the logistics lead in the White House during September 11, and joins Geoff Livingston to remember the attack through the photos. You can learn more about Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling and his book, "24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker, 9/11/01" on robertjdarling.com.

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September 11 remains one of the most visceral moments in American history. Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling served as the logistics lead in the White House during September 11, and joins Geoff Livingston to remember the attack through the photos. Part 1 of their discussion details what was happening in the White House from the first strike on the World Trade Center North Tower to the decisions made on Flight 93 by Vice President DIck Cheney and the passengers on Flight 93.

Listen to Part 1 of this emotional episode to get the insider's perspective of one of America's most tragic and consequential days. You can learn more about Lt. Colonel Robert J. Darling and his book, "24 Hours Inside the President’s Bunker, 9/11/01" on robertjdarling.com.

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IGDC Founder and Instagram whiz Holly Garner came by to discuss one of her favorite influences, Alfred Stieglitz. Stieglitz was a late 19th and early 20th-century photographer who was instrumental in making photography an accepted art form. 

Then we discussed Holly's undertaking of IGDC ten years ago, and how the meetup and online curated platform has involved and inspired an entire genre of DC photography on Instagram and via in-person meetups. Then we discussed her own progression as a photographer via the @golightly handle on Instagram.

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Jarob Ortiz is the National Park Service Heritage Documentation Program photographer. In addition to his own fantastic photography, he came by to discuss the very surreal and amazing Manufactured Landscapes project by Edward Burtynsky. We discussed the amazing way Burtynsky captured human impact on natural landscapes using a blend of natural and created symmetry. 

Then we discussed some of Jarob's own work, including his Alabama Civil Rights Trail and Staten island projects for the National Park Service. This is truly a fantastic episode. Soak up Jarob's insights and talent here.

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